HP’s Sustainable Impact strategy is to create lasting, positive change for the PLANET, our PEOPLE, and the COMMUNITIES where we live, work and do business. Partners are a key component of this strategy as together we can address global environmental challenges, empower more people to thrive, improve the vitality and resilience of our local communities and grow business opportunities.
With the launch of HP Amplify Impact we are extending the reach of our Sustainable Impact strategy to empower partners to make a lasting positive change on planet, people and community:
PLANET – Improve sustainability performance
  • Leverage HP’s Sustainable Impact work to create a more efficient, circular and low-carbon economy and support customers in enabling sustainable business
PEOPLE – Engage and empower employees
  • Activate sustainability in your workplace while engaging and empowering your employees by accessing HP’s comprehensive sustainability trainings
COMMUNITY – Deliver community impact
  • Engage with and support HP education programs to enable better learning outcomes and address the digital divide