HP’s Sustainable Impact strategy is to create lasting, positive change for the PLANET, our PEOPLE, and the COMMUNITIES where we live, work and do business. Partners are a key component of this strategy as together we can address global environmental challenges, empower more people to thrive, improve the vitality and resilience of our local communities and grow business opportunities.
With the launch of HP Amplify Impact we are extending the reach of our Sustainable Impact strategy to empower partners to make a lasting positive change on planet, people and community:
PLANET – Improve sustainability performance
  • Leverage HP’s Sustainable Impact work to create a more efficient, circular and low-carbon economy and support customers in enabling sustainable business
PEOPLE – Engage and empower employees
  • Activate sustainability in your workplace while engaging and empowering your employees by accessing HP’s comprehensive sustainability trainings
COMMUNITY – Deliver community impact
  • Engage with and support HP education programs to enable better learning outcomes and address the digital divide

So what are we doing at Elite to become a more sustainable company?

For a long time, I thought sustainability was only about recycling! I felt as though my job was done after recycling every week at home and at work. But as of only a couple years ago my perspective on sustainability has changed. It is of course not only about recycling but much more. And there are so many ways to become more sustainable.

That is why we have opted to become a changemaker in the HP Amplify Impact Program. Their resources have been a big help in driving our company to become a much better sustainability wise and also even a better company in general. We aim to be key drivers in our industry in terms of economic, social and environmental development to ensure our present needs are met but more importantly for those in the future.

Under the Amplify Impact Program we will complete all the sustainability strategy fundamentals and a minimum of one for all the remaining pillars (including sustainability as a business opportunity, planet, people and community). Our vision is that we aim to be innovative and sustainable leaders in our field making our customers lives simpler and empowering our staff to contribute to the common good.

We are beyond excited to start this. Go Elite

  • Kishen


Only one month left to complete the HP Amplify Impact Program and we are grinding!

Take a look at our pillars and our goals.

Executive Sponsorship & Employee Engagement

  • By June 2022: management will commit to 3 social media posts related to sustainability to external and internal stakeholders. To engage our employees, we will form a green team (internal committee) which will have at least 2 presentations on what we are doing sustainability wise and also allowing for staff input.

Company Sustainable IT Procurement Plan

  • By end of June 2022, we will review the IT procurement guide and complete the assessment as well as establish 3 action plan goals based on results of Sustainability self-assessment to improve procurement process.

Integrating Sustainability into proposals (RFPs) to win business

  • 5% of sales team takes HP “Integrating Sustainability into Proposals – Helping you to win business” training by June 2022.  Also, close a minimum of 4 deals that leverage sustainability criteria

Sustainability Training

  • 30% of employees complete the Sustainability Basics training by June 2022. 30% of sales team complete the Sustainability Sales Fundamentals training by June 2022.

Sustainability Communications & Reporting

  • External: By June 2022 create a new tab under our ‘about us’ page showing our sustainability vision and commitments; updated quarterly.
  • Internal: By June 2022 we communicate to our staff via our in-house CRM about sustainability vision and commitments; updates quarterly.

Sustainability as a Business Opportunity Training

  • 10% of sales team takes HP Sustainability Intermediate Sales training module (6 courses) by June 2022.

Customer Case Studies

  • Complete 2 case studies showcasing customer sustainability success stories with HP products and services by June 2022.

Sustainability Marketing and Lead Generation

  • By June 2022 create and launch 2 marketing campaigns focused on sustainability to drive business and awareness.

Energy Efficiency

  • Implement 3 new actions that reduce energy and improve efficiency.

Empower People Fundamentals Training

  • By June 2022 10% of employees take the Empower People (DE&I) Fundamentals web-based training.


  • By June 2022 we will establish a volunteer program which gives back to the community, providing at least 3 volunteer activities.


So… how are we going?

We are going well and the process has been great. Interestingly, we have never done anything like this before. Incorporating our entire team to jump on board and take part in this initiative has been great. The training and volunteering has been exceptional as everyone wants to participate. The HP resources have been so well thought out and easy to work with. Kudos to them!

We will be back by June 30 to give you a further update.

By Elite Green Team