Cloud Print Services


Cloud Print Services provides an efficient, affordable path to print management success. With its flexible configuration and ease of deployment, our Cloud Print Services brings a full suite of cloud printing solutions to any print environment, from small companies to large enterprises, all while reducing the burden on your IT resources.

Our expertise to work with industry leaders in document and device security forms the backbone of our Cloud Print Services. Independent parties such as Buyers Lab agree: Lexmark Cloud Print Services received the BLI Pick Award for Outstanding Print Environment Management Solution.

Cloud Print Services Market Landscape


An evolving market

Making sure the right cloud print service provider and platform is selected is critical to your success. The market is complex and still evolving, with many different approaches available. Quocirca recommends you should evaluate how cloud print service providers can support their specific cloud journey. A portfolio that offers private, public and hybrid models will enable organisations to transition as their on-premise and cloud needs adapt.

> 8 factors to consider when selecting a cloud printing platform

Mitigate risk and improve efficiency by shifting the print infrastructure to the cloud

For businesses looking to enhance reduce the IT Burden, our Cloud Print Services delivers powerful benefits:

  • Security: Zero trust security is an imperative in enabling the remote workforce. Secure Print Release Protect confidential information and give users the convenience of output from any authorised device without installing print servers in every location; also eliminate unclaimed documents sitting at printers for measurable savings.
  • Simplicity: Easily configure printers, capture cost-saving metrics and keep devices current. With Cloud Fleet Management, your devices can be managed from anywhere without the need to go on site or be on the same local network.

> Quocirca 2021 The traditional on-premises print infrastructure is complex and characterised by cost inefficiencies.

  • Insight: Analytics that capture valuable information gathered by Cloud Print Services to gain new visibility into your organisation’s printing practices and workflows and leverage this information to optimise print usage while reducing printing costs.
  • Savings: Simplify and save, leveraging cloud and IoT technology, Cloud Print Services Infrastructure allows you to dramatically simplify your print environment and eliminate the resource issues and budget headaches associated with print infrastructure ownership.

Forecast for Print: Cloudy with a chance of innovation. Read our Cloud Print Management eBook

Quocirca Cloud Print Services 2021 “The ability of cloud-based services to deliver flexibility, on-demand scalability and reliability while controlling direct costs and administrative overheads has come into its own during the COVID-19 pandemic. IT teams have scrambled to support the shift to remote-working as businesses have battled to maintain employee productivity; cloud-based software and services have often played a central role in the tactical response to the crisis.”

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