Do we charge you for a print audit with Elite Print Solutions

Absolutely not. It is a free of charge service which will allow you to decide and make us your suitable partner to serve your business.

What is a Managed Print Audit

It is basically an event or a meeting where we meet our you (customer). At there, we will be helping the you to archive the printing requirements in your business. We analyse your existing print environment with the aim of recommending new solutions which are both efficient and cost effective.

Who needs a print audit

Whether you are a small or enterprise level business, we provide our services to all types of businesses. Sometimes a meeting is required to provide the best print solution options to your business. So simply, call us on (1300-529-852) or fill in our Elite Contact form.

Print Audit Alternatives ?

We can recommend the solutions over the phone for small business which owns fewer printers. Furthermore, it will be easy to document and send an explained solution via an email.  We will always be providing you the answers to your questions with cost saving and most reliable. Because we believe in fairness and transparency. Even if you are our smallest clients, we are delighted to produce print samples and demonstrate equipment to you.

A customer who knows what is required already

Occasionally, we had customers who sited that they have the knowledge on what they required. However, we strongly believe that even those who know should yet explore and revalidate the solution. Furthermore, we have changed the customer view once we introduced solutions that are more reliable and cost effective.

What we require from you to prepare for the print audit?

To provide the best possible solutions for your organizations, we would require few things from you. First of all, we need a floor plans prior to an audit day to conduct a proper print audit. Furthermore, we required someone from your organization to give basic access to the IT System on the audit day. It will help us analyse your existing print usage where we can you with best solution possible.




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The Stages of a print audit

In order to get all correct data, there are several electronic tools will be used. Generally, the audit will take a hands-on approach and be managed in several following stages

  • On sit visits to discuss your requirements.
  • Conducting a detailed analysis at your premises by taking physical notes of each device, location, its age, current print model and volume produced.
  • A return visit within a period of one month for a 2nd print usage reading to get us an understanding of the print usage.
  • Design and recommend tailor made new print environment for your business. Present the findings of the audit. Recommended setup and demonstrate the presentation with actual cost savings, environment benefits and time savings to best suit your business.
  • Deployment of your new Managed Print environment in a professional and timely manner causing minimum disruption in your business operations.

We keep all our customer’s needs as the pillar through every step of the way ensuring your success with MPS!

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